Q: Where are you based?
West Sacramento, CA.

Q: Is my dog required to have ID Tags and license?
Yes, This is your dogs form of ID if lost or stolen.

Q: My dog is aggresive, will you still walk him/her?
A: This depends on the Meet and Greet Consultation
. It's FREE!
and gives me a better idea of the temperment of your dog.

Q: Do you pet sit cats?
Yes! We love cats too.

Q: Do you walk dogs in the rain?
A:Yes, but we also understand that sometimes the owners do not want their dogs walked in the rain. We can always reschedule.

Q: Are you Bonded? Insured? Licenced?
A: Yes,
Yes & Yes! If asked, I will show you a copy of the Certificate of Insurance & Bonding at time of "Meet & Greet".

Q: Do you have references?
A: Yes,
as a new client you are encouraged to ask me for them.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Send a Cover Letter and Resume to: josh.berns@ruffwalking.com

NO PHONE CALLS. If We like what we see we will call you to set up an interview.

Q: How important is it to use a Dog Walker that is Bonded and Insured?
A: Even if you don't use me, I feel that it is 100% important to use Dog Walkers and pet sitters that are Bonded and Insured

Q: Why should I pay you for pet sitting when I can pay less with someone else?
A: Is the person Bonded? Are they Insured? Ask for proof of both.
Ask for references!

I watch your pets, house and property with the utmost care.
Anyone asking $10.00 for pet sitting without being bonded and insured should set off strong red flags when watching the ones you love.
These are your family members not just your pets.

Q: Do you do Pack walking of 3 or more dogs?
A: I will walk up to 1-3 dogs ONLY.

Q: Do you walk dogs off leash?
A: No, safety for your dog and the public around us is a priority.

Q: Do you board dogs at your location?
A: No, we do not have the means to board dogs at our location.

Q: Do I have to sign up for a full month?
A: Currently no, but we feel it's important to walk your dogs on a regular basis.

Q: What kind of leashes do you use?
A: I like to use standard nylon 4-6 ft. leashes...NO EXTENDING leashes on walks.
This way we have better control your dog(s).

Q: What if we don't have the leashes you use on your walks?
A: Not a problem! I have plenty of 4-6 ft. nylon leashes as well as Gentle Leaders if you require them with your dogs.

Q: Do you do any dog training?
A: yes, a little
. Basic training such as sit, stay, stand, help stop mouthing &
Gentle Leader training as well.

Q: What kind of paper work will I fill out with you as a customer?
A: We now require all new customers to sign up with our services online.

Q: Will I get a dog walking report card with each walk?
A: Yes, every time

Q: How easy is it to pay you by PayPal for walking our dog?
A: Very easy. I send you an invoice via email. It REALLY IS that easy!

Q: I want to pay you using Paypal...Is it safe?
A: I have never had any problems using Paypal, I believe it is safe.

Q: If I can't pay you right away, can you still walk my dog?
A: No, payment is due the 1st of every month before we walk
your dog

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